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Pastoral Commentary for Numbers 34:1-35:8
Author: Pastor Bob Nordlie

God established the boundaries for the inheritance He would give to Israel as the fulfillment of the covenant promise He had made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hundreds of years earlier. He established the Mediterranean Sea as the western boundary, and the Dead Sea, Jordan River and the Sea of Kinnereth (Gallilee) for the eastern boundary, with Reuben, Gad and Manasseh settling on the east side of the Jordan River. The land was to be divided among the tribes by casting lots. Men were appointed from each tribe to assist in the allotment of the land. God also gave 48 towns to the Levites, along with the land surrounding them for over a half mile to pasture their flocks and herds. Six of these towns were designated a places of refuge for someone who unintentionally killed someone. The Levite towns were to come from the inheritance of the other tribes in proportion to their size.

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