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Pastoral Commentary for Joshua 16-17
Author: Pastor Bob Nordlie

Do you find reading these chapters of Joshua just a little boring or maybe even frustrating? It can be a little bit like having someone give you directions to some place in Pennsylvania that you have never seen or heard of without a road map in front of you. It's just a list of places you cannot identify and people you've never heard of. The reality is that these chapters show us how much God cares about His people. He is taking time to establish them in the land He promised to them, with secure boundaries that will allow them to dwell in peace and harmony with their fellow Israelites from neighboring tribes. God cares right down to individual families within clans and tribes. He cares down to the level of seeing that Moses' promise to the daughters of Zelophedad to give them an inheritance is honored. God had used Joseph to preserve His chosen people through famine by bringing them to Egypt. Now the two tribes of Joseph receive an extra allotment of land, both to the east and west of the Jordan. They are also given land in the hill country of Canaan. This careful delineation of boundaries and territories for tribes and clans shows us that God cares about the small stuff. God cares about ordinary people. God cares about you and me. That's the big picture. You can approach God with any need, great or small, and be confident that He cares enough about you as an individual to meet your need in His perfect time and manner.

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