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Pastoral Commentary for Deuteronomy 25:5-26:19
Author: Pastor Bob Nordlie

It was the legal obligation of a man to marry his brother's widow and produce children who would carry on the name of his brother. If a man refused this obligation, the widow could express the contempt of the entire community by spitting in his face. Although the Son of God never committed any sin, He did not hide his face, but endured the disgrace of being spit on from both the Jews and the Romans. Honest weights were required of God's people, and inaccurate and dishonest scales were detestable to the LORD. When the time came for a tithe of the firstfruits of the produce of the land, God's people were to present their offering at the dwelling for His Name, while remembering everything that God did for His people to bring them out of slavery in Egypt and into the Promised Land. It is always God's grace that prompts a heartfelt gift, and in the same way we should give our tithes and offerings remembering everything that God has done for us in Jesus. The gifts presented to the Lord were to be shared with the Levites, as well as with those in need, the widows and the fatherless. At the close of Chapter 26 God renewed His covenant with Israel, reminding them to obey his commands, and promising to set them in"praise and in fame and in honor high above all nations that he has made."

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